We set out our car wash to meet all your expectations of having the shiniest wash at a great value with no wait! We provide a free vacuum with every wash. Our staff is always there to provide the best customer service, and to ensure the safety of you and your vehicle. Every employee undergoes daily training to meet your expectations. We use only State-of-the-art, Eco-friendly chemicals, water recycling systems, energy efficient equipment, and touch-free blowers to wash and dry your car.

We value our customers and their automobiles! Our Car Wash has the most advanced computerized technology in the state of South Carolina. 

We are located at 5260 Calhoun Memorial Highway, across the street of Ingles and CVS.

Open daily 8am-7pm.

We are local and family-owned! 
​3 Minute Wash has the distinction of having the most advanced computerized technology in a South Carolina car wash facility. It also has a wide range of services to cater to the needs of various car owners - from those who simply want a quick wash to those who want the works.
When customers arrive 3 Minute Car Wash, a menu of options is presented to them. Once they make their pick, they go into one of the facility's automated kiosks. These kiosks accept cash, as well as credit and debit cards for payment.
Once the customer's car is done being washed, the customer is given unlimited access to 3 Minute Car Wash's powerful free vacuums.
​3 Minute Wash aims to be the go-to place for an express car wash, as well as a car wash service with free vacuum, in Easley City, its surrounding communities, and the rest of South Carolina.
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3 Minute Car Wash customers have a menu of options to select as you enter the automated kiosks. Our menu of washes range from $5 wash to $20 Works in which you will have a quality hand finish shine in only 3 minutes.

Our unique application process applies actual Turtle Wax® ICE® and Fire to your entire vehicle, and our employees will hand towel dry your car. It is the finish and protection your car deserves!

Once the wash is complete, all customers have unlimited access to our powerful free vacuums where you control the level of cleanliness for your car's interior! Our kiosks accept cash, debit and credit cards.

Take advantage of our prepaid gift cards. Get $25 gift card for $20 only or receive our $20 wash for free with purchasing a $50 gift card! Any time you have a question, comment, or need, please see a staff member or manager. It is our goal that you leave as a happy customer every time you visit. 

Click Here to Learn More About Turtle Fire Wax®  Turtle ICE® Smart Shield Technology™